Every car owner has different protection needs for their vehicle. We offer a variety of protection plans that we custom fit to your vehicle and your budget.
Call a Safeguard Coverage Specialist today so we can help pick out the right coverage for you!


This vehicle service contract is similar to the manufacturers’ new car warranty. It covers everything from your engine and transmission, all the way down to even the smallest electrical item like a speaker going out!!!


This vehicle service contract is the best coverage option for a vehicle with miles on it. It protects your engine, transmission, AC, electrical system, starter, water pump, fuel pump, and more.


This vehicle service contract is great coverage for both major and minor parts on your vehicle. This includes your engine, transmission, water pump, starter, a/c, and even your power windows!


This vehicle service contract is our most affordable policy! Covers the most important parts of your vehicle, including all lubricated parts on your engine, transmission, and water pump.